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What is TMD/TMJ Disorders ? Am I am suffering from TMJ/TMD?

TMJ Disorders are the common name given to a group of conditions (Temporomandibular Disorders, TMD) of the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ).

The TMJ is the joint that connects the mandible to the cranium, and it is in front of your ears.

The most common causes of problems with the TMJ are arthritis and trauma. This trauma can be sudden as in a blow, by bad oral habits, clenching, grinding, a bad bite, etc.

There are other causes that are less common and are medical related.

TMJ Symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms are:

  1. Limited mouth opening and movement.
  2. Locked jaw.
  3. Pain or tenderness on the TMJ
  4. Noises on the TMJ when opening or closing your mouth.
  5. Pain while eating.
  6. Frequent migraines or headaches.
  7. Ringing in your ears.

TMJ Specialist

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms or suspect you are suffering from TMJ/TMD seek help immediately. Call us for a comprehensive TMJ evaluation.

This evaluation will consist of a full evaluation of your teeth, gums, jaw movements, x rays of your teeth, and TMJ. Other diagnostic tests might be required as CT scan and MRI.

Based on the results of your comprehensive TMJ/TMD evaluation treatment will be recommended by a TMJ Specialist

For more information call our office for a comprehensive evaluation.

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