Patient with an Unstable Removable Denture case fromGeorgia Prosthodontics Atlanta

Patient with an Unstable Removable Denture

CASE SUMMARY: Full Mouth Reconstruction

by Carlos Castro, DDS, FACP, Board Certified Prosthodontist

Patient “Jill” was referred to me due to her complex dental needs. She presented to our office looking for a fixed solution to replace her unstable complete removable denture. She complained of problems when biting, speaking, and eating, and it was affecting her confidence and social life.
As a Prosthodontist, I have experience planning multistage treatments and can coordinate with a patient’s general dentist and other dental specialists.
Case by Dr. Carlos Castro DDS Full Mouth Reconstruction

Jill’s treatment sequence included:

  • A complete prosthodontic evaluation including CBCT scan, photographic analysis, Intraoral Optical scanning, and exam. We determined she was an excellent candidate for “Teeth-back in a Day” for the maxilla and a removable partial denture to re-establish posterior function on the mandible.
  • For the maxilla, we developed a digital denture, performed an All-on-5 implant surgery, and provided her with an interim fixed implant prosthesis.
  • For the mandible, we placed full-coverage crowns with endodontically treated teeth splinted to support a stable design of a partial removable denture.
  • After completion of healing time, the maxillary fixed was replaced with a hybrid prosthesis.
  • All lab prosthetics were fabricated at our in-house dental laboratory called Prostho Dental Lab, by an experienced and certified technician.
  • Maxillary arch: Transitional fixed denture PMMA with characterized pink
    composite. Final Zirconia fixed denture.
  •  Mandibular arch: Full coverage Zirconia crowns on teeth combined with a
    metal-acrylic removable partial denture.
Full Mouth reconstruction sequence 1
Full Mouth reconstruction sequence 2
Full Mouth reconstruction sequence Georgia Prosthodontics

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