The Joanee Gift

The Joanee Gift | Dentures for Kids

Georgia Prosthodontics launches The Joanee Gift to Provide Young Children Suffering from Ectodermal Dysplasia with the First Set of Dentures

by Georgia Prosthodontics | Smiles Specialists

Dr. Carlos Castro and the team at Georgia Prosthodontics are pleased to introduce The Joanee Gift, offering support for children under eight years old that are suffering from ectodermal dysplasia by providing them with a free first set of dentures.

Ectodermal dysplasia is a disorder that causes the abnormal development of embryonic ectodermally-derived organs including teeth, nails, hair, and sweat glands. Typically, ectodermal dysplasia patients seeking help from a prosthodontist have not been able to naturally grow a full set of teeth. Because they are constantly growing, children with ectodermal dysplasia will go through multiple sets of dentures before adulthood, which can be extremely expensive over the years.

This Joanee’s gift was launched to ensure that more young patients can access the life-changing support of a prosthodontist to treat this devastating condition.

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Joanee & Dr. Castro

Prosthodontic treatments, including dentures, for ectodermal dysplasia patients can make a tremendous impact in many areas of a patient’s life.

When reflecting on this type of impact, Dr. Carlos Castro often recalls one patient in particular. Joanee suffered from a rare disorder called ectodermal dysplasia which prevented her body from developing teeth.

She was three years old when she first visited Georgia Prosthodontics. After assessing the situation, Dr. Castro recognized that Joanee’s teeth were very similar in shape and size to his daughter’s teeth, so he decided to scan his own daughter’s teeth so she could act as a donor for Joanee.

This procedure had never been done before, but Dr. Castro was confident that he had the resources, team, and expertise to perform it successfully. His team was able to fabricate tiny dentures that were replicas of Dr. Castro’s daughter’s teeth and use them to change Joanee’s life for the better.

Joanne accepted the dentures immediately, and once they were installed into Joanee’s mouth, the impact that Dr. Castro and the team had made in the life of this child and her family was clear.


Joanee and her family will continue to be in close contact with Dr. Castro and team for many years.

Joanee will need replacement dentures to keep up with her physical development as she grows. Shortly after the procedure, Dr. Castro began receiving update videos from Joanee’s family. The videos showed Joanee inserting and removing the dentures with no trouble at all, but there was one video in particular that made the most impact on Dr. Castro. Joanee was using her teeth to eat an apple with her sisters. Not only was she able to bite and chew properly, but she was eating with her sisters, finally able to do the same things that the children around her were doing. For Dr. Castro, that was all he needed to see in order to know that all the efforts had been worthwhile.

Georgia Prosthodontic’s new grant was introduced in Joanee’s honour, to ensure that other children can receive the care and support that she was lucky enough to find with Dr. Castro and his team

“It’s our responsibility as prosthodontists to help patients and their families. I have treated young patients facing serious disorders like ectodermal dysplasia, which can prevent a child from producing their own natural teeth. Imagine the impact of working alongside a child and their family to provide them with dental prosthetics as they grow. Not only does this course of treatment help the child eat and smile, but the changes in their confidence, socialization, and ability to relate to their peers is incredible. It makes all the work, all the effort worthwhile.” said Dr. Castro.

With three to four years of additional training beyond dental school, prosthodontists are prepared for even the most complex oral health issues. Whether you need to replace one tooth or many, a prosthodontist works with you every step of the way, from consultation to follow-up care, to restore smiles and confidence.

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