Teeth in a Day Candidate

Yes it's possible!

An innovative technique that allows us to give you a new smile in only one day!

Circumstances to consider to be Teeth in A Day Candidate

We are 99% sure you are a Teeth in A Day Candidate. These are some of them:

Your medical status

Teeth in a Day Candidate (Medical Status)

First of all, we will check your overall medical condition before moving forward. For example: Losing your teeth can be owed to undiagnosed diseases like Diabetes Mellitus and will affect the outcome of treatment.

A controlled diabetic is a candidate, but an uncontrolled is a risk. So have your routine physical exam done and clear this point as soon as possible.

If available, have your physician transfer any recent blood work to our office for evaluation before your first appointment.

Smoking and other habits

Smoking and other habits to consider to be Teeth in A Day Candidate

Smokers have a slight lower rate of success. This is not a contraindication but is certainly a reason to modify your All on Four to All on Five or maybe All on Six.

Think of it as insurance for your treatment. A similar scenario occurs to patients who clench their teeth.

Remember, you are putting money, time, and physical effort to get your teeth. It may be a great motivation to quit.

Amount of jawbone remaining

Amount of jawbone remaining

This is best evaluated with a CBCT scan at your initial visit. Although you do not have enough bone you still may be a Teeth in a Day Candidate, but some bone grafts may be necessary.

Commitment to treatment

Commitment to treatment when you are a Teeth in a Day Candidate

You are about to make the most important step to your new smile and a complete commitment is needed from your side.

This treatment will require some temporary modifications to your regular routine like changing your diet for a short period of time or some more permanent modifications, like impeccable oral hygiene and regular check-ups.

Geographical location

Geographical location when you are a Teeth in a Day Candidate

It is key to be close to the dentist (or team of dentists) who has provided you with your treatment. Keep in mind that although the procedure is done in one day, it is important the follow-ups while you are healing.

Even if you have received your definitive dentures, it is better to be seen by the same doctor.

Offers of dental tourism may look attractive by the cost, but managing a complication becomes costly. In some instances, loss of implants is inevitable and requires starting the process all over again.


Age is not a a big aspect for being a Teeth in a Day Candidate

This factor is not a contraindication for being a Teeth in a Day Candidate, there are other factors involved.

Reason for your teeth loss

Reason for your teeth loss

The most common reasons why people lose their teeth are cavities and gum disease. None of those are contraindications for the Teeth in a Day procedure.

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