Pterygoid implant as abutment of partial monolithic fixed dental prosthesis (Georgia Prosthodontics)

Pterygoid Implant as Abutment of Partial Fixed Dental Prosthesis

Supporting Patients with Defective Dental Bridges

Luis, a 52-year-old patient, came to us seeking replacement of a failing bridge #1-5. He had multiple previous dental restorations that had failed. Luis had become desperate to find a solution that would allow him to confidence to eat and speak properly as well as improve his comfort and appearance. He had maxillary sinus pneumatization and did not want to have a graft.

This challenging scenario was resolved by using some of the latest prosthodontic advancements: 

  • Utilization of pterygoid implants
  • Digital and castless workflow
  • Photogrammetry extraoral implant impressions
  • Design and manufacturing of monolithic zirconia component-less prostheses

Luis’s diagnosis included a complete prosthodontic evaluation involving CBCT scan, x-rays, photographic analysis, Intraoral Optical scanning, and a full oral examination. Luis’s was diagnosed as having a defective long-span bridge and failing abutment tooth #5 with pneumatization of his right maxillary sinus, making him an excellent candidate for a pterygoid implant.

Patients with Defective Dental Bridges at Georgia Prosthodontics
Before Xrays- Patient with defective long span bridge

Luis’s treatment sequence included with Pterygoid Implant

  • Extraction of teeth #1 and 5 and the immediate placement of implants in positions: 1, 4, and 5.
  • Soft tissue contouring using a provisional fixed prosthesis.
  • Digital impression using photogrammetry technology.
  • Delivery of a monolithic zirconia implant supported fixed partial denture prosthesis utilizing a pterygoid implant and a component less abutment connection.
Digital impression using photogrammetry technology.

Pterygoid Implant Treatment Outcome

The patient was pleased with the treatment outcome. During the procedure, minimal occlusal adjustments restricted to lateral movements were performed. Luis can finally eat and speak with confidence and comfort.

This case demonstrates the use of recent technological advances in the field of implant prosthodontics that allows for expedited treatment and improved treatment outcomes for patient and providers.

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Before - Patient with defective long span bridge (Georgia Prosthodontics)
Before - Case of Patient with defective long span bridge

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If you have a patient with several missing, broken, or severely worn teeth — or patients that are unhappy with their defective bridge — they may be a candidate for oral rehabilitation with the assistance of a Prosthodontist.

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The Reconstructive Dentistry Team

Georgia Prosthodontics is focused on Implant, Cosmetic, and Reconstructive Dentistry. Drs. Carlos Castro and, Dr. Nicholas Miller have the training and private practice experience that makes treatments of complex cases more successful, including patients:

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Congenital defects, a chronic condition, or traumatic injury can receive oral prostheses, which may be a combination of dental implants, crowns, bridges, or veneers.

• Patients with difficult anterior cases in the esthetic zone can receive single or multiple dental implants to replace missing teeth, or veneers or crowns to improve the appearance of their smile.

In addition, they have a private dental laboratory called Prostho Dental Lab. An in-house, experienced, and certified dental technician creates each custom restoration for referred patients from the best materials using the latest technology. To send an implant case to our dental lab, please visit:

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