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Price of Dental Implants

There is no doubt Dental Implants are the best solution to replace missing teeth. However, if you want long-term results proper planning and careful execution is required.


Dental Implants are titanium roots to be installed permanently on your jaws. I would prefer a provider that dedicates the time, uses the best medical products available, and is concerned about lasting results.

The cost of a dental implant poorly placed

Say you had your implant placed, the surgery went well and all healed fine. So far, all should be on route for your new tooth to be placed soon.

Your dental implant is now uncovered and ready to be impressed for a crown fabrication, but your restorative dentist (the one that makes the crown), finds out the platform of the implant is way too high and your tooth will have a funny shape, or it is too deep and it will be impossible to clean. Or perhaps is too much tilted to the tongue to the point it irritates the tissues and hurts when swallowing or it is extremely thin and the tooth keeps on loosening.

What you should know, is that if dental implants are placed in a less than ideal position, they could become permanent trouble for the final crown that goes on top, for the tissues surrounding it, for the bone supporting it, or a combination of them.

So if all was going so well… what happened? Let us entertain some possibilities. Implant placement was rushed, not planned with the proper tooth position in mind, or placed without the use of a surgical guide. Leaving expertise and training aside, possible mistakes relate to cost mitigation from the provider. A surgical guide based on a diagnostic wax-up is required for proper placement as well as a CT scan with accurate interpretation to ensure precision. All adds cost and time. Now you see why those implants are cheaper?

Correcting a dental implant with a non-restorable position is costly. In the best-case scenario, a customized abutment is required, but in the worst, implant removal could be necessary in addition to bone grafts to start from zero again.

Trust only a specialist!

Remember, the success of dental implants is not to be judged by the postoperative experience, but rather the health of the implant and the outcome of the finalized tooth replacement.


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