Patient with failing restorations treated in Georgia Prosthodontics

Case of a Patient With Failing Restorations

Do You Have a Patient With Failing Restorations?

CASE SUMMARY: The Single Anterior Implant Challenge

by Carlos Castro, DDS, FACP, Board Certified Prosthodontist | Georgia Prosthodontics

Patient “Mary” was referred to me by another dental professional in the area to improve the esthetics of an implant crown in the anterior segment. She was experiencing a recession of buccal tissue, which was leaving the implant body exposed.
An examination and a Cone Beam Computerized Tomographic (CBCT) scan revealed absence of buccal bone plate and implant angulation exceeding the limits of the occlusal area.

As a Prosthodontist, I have experience with complex cases and can plan multi-stage treatments that coordinate with a patient’s general dentist and other dental specialists. I am also comfortable treating patients with high esthetic demands. Mary felt comfortable knowing that I have experience with complicated dental issues, and have developed protocols to ensure the highest esthetic and functional outcome for the restorations.

Single Anterior Implant Challenge

Mary’s treatment included the following steps

Removed the implant and allowed the soft tissue to grow.

  • Grafted the site and allowed for proper healing.
  • A provisional was fabricated and retained from #8.
  • A new implant was placed in a better orientation.
  • Upon completion of healing time, a new provisional was used to contour the tissue, and a final impression analog was taken for screw-retained zirconia crown #9, and zirconia crown #8.
  • Final crowns were inserted, and access holes closed.

This case was challenging because of these 5 items

  1. Mary had a high smile line.
  2. High esthetic expectations.
  3. Risk of bone loss from the surgery.
  4. Keeping the margins at equal height and symmetrical.
  5. Preventing future recurrence of tissue, so enough bone on buccal of implant had to be maintained.

For any implant case, especially one involving grafting, I advise allowing growth of soft tissue, letting one miracle happen at the time, and provisionalizing to envision the final outcome.

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The Reconstructive Dentistry Team

Georgia Prosthodontics is focused on Implant, Cosmetic, and Reconstructive Dentistry. Drs. Carlos Castro & Norberto Delgado have the training and private practice experience that makes treatments of complex cases more successful, including patients:

• With severely worn/damaged teeth, missing all teeth, or with ill-fitting dentures can receive a full arch of natural-looking teeth to restore function & esthetics.

Congenital defects, a chronic condition, or traumatic injury can receive oral prostheses, which may be a combination of dental implants, crowns, bridges, or veneers.

• Patients with difficult anterior cases in the esthetic zone can receive single or multiple dental implants to replace missing teeth, or veneers or crowns to improve the appearance of their smile.

In addition, they have a private dental laboratory called Prostho Dental Lab. An in-house, experienced, and certified dental technician creates each custom restoration for referred patients from the best materials using the latest technology. To send an implant case to our dental lab, please visit:

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