Let’s prevent the spread of Coronavirus Disease

Take steps to protect yourself and your community

The best way to prevent illness is to avoid exposing

The USA federal government, CDC and Georgia State government are responding to an outbreak of a new respiratory virus commonly call coronavirus (COVID-19). This virus has demonstrated a high infection potential and is spreading at an accelerated rate.

The most common method of infection is by close contact with an infected individual either by aerosol droplets or mucous fluids. The government is recommending to avoid whenever possible, infected individuals, large gatherings, travel by cruise ships, to wash our hands frequently, the use of hand sanitizer when hand wash is not possible, avoid touching our face with our hands, stay at home if sick, call ahead if you suspect you are infected before visiting a health facility.
For more information regarding the latest recommendation and information by CDC, federal or state government please visit their website at or

We at Georgia Prosthodontics want to reassure all our patients that we are keeping abreast of all the new development regarding this COVID-19. We are strictly following all infection control procedures as recommended by State, CDC and the American Dental Association. As health providers, our primary concern is the well being of all our patients and employees. Having stated this, we request our patient that if ill, have been exposed to somebody that’s ill or travel abroad to a level III country (please visit CDC website for an update on level III countries), to quarantine themself, call their physician and schedule a visit so they can be evaluated and treated as soon as possible.

We are together in this fight against the COVID-19, If we follow all recommendations stated by the government, CDC, stay vigilant and well informed we will overcome this disease.

Stay Healthy.

For more information please visit CDC – Centers of Disease Control and Prevention

 The well-being of all our patients and staff is our paramount concern. That’s why we have adapted our facilities to ensure your safest and most comfortable experience possible. Evolution and safety have always been our top priorities.

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