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Implant Dentures Cost and Options

Need Implant Dentures? Here are your Options and Costs

Forty years ago dentists were unable to provide other options than conventional acrylic dentures. Fortunately, today patients suffering from significant dental problems, missing some or all teeth have multiple options. Dental implants can be placed and used as anchorage for a variety of denture types, including snap-on dentures or fixed dentures. A full set of teeth supported or retained by dental implants will improve the way you look, your confidence to speak, your ability to chew, and can last a lifetime in many cases.

What are the Implant Denture options?

Your options really depend on three main factors:

  1. Your personal preference
  2. The number and location of implants to be placed and
  3. Amount of jaw bone lost and remaining.

Option A: Fixed Implant Dentures

These are usually preferred by most patients. Dentures can be constructed on a minimum of 4 implants and different materials are available. Depending on the material used, dentures will last longer or will require sooner maintenance. This Fixed Implant Dentures could range between 15 to 35K per arch. With proper planning implants and fixed Implant Dentures can be done in a single visit. You will walk out with fixed teeth and a natural appearance.

Option B: Snap-on Dentures

Also a great solution. For a person who has been a denture wearer, these type of dentures are “heaven on earth”, due to a dramatic improvement on retention and stability. These type of dentures use a minimum of two implants in the lower jaw and four on the top. After implants have healed properly, a retention insert is placed over the implants, allowing the snap-on effect. The advantages of this option include ability to remove dentures for proper hygiene and if you desire in the future to upgrade to a fixed option, you can do so in a later time. The range of fees associated with this option is 10 to 15K.

Option C: Combination of Fixed and Snap-on

Some patients prefer to have a fixed dentition in the front for esthetic reasons and a removable option replacing the back teeth. This option offers versatility in treatment execution, allowing them to have an intermediate stage before getting teeth that do not come out from the beginning. It requires a minimum of four implants, and fees can range between 20 to 35 K.

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Dental Implant Cost

As mentioned above, the cost of Dental Implant Dentures can range from 10 to 35K. These are rough generic figures and every case is different. Keep in mind that if done properly from the beginning, Implant Dentures are not costly.

A good number of patients we see come seeking a second opinion, with complications derived from past treatments or poor planning. You should not shop around for prices but rather for who is more qualified to do your rehabilitation.

After all, you want to do it once and do it right.  When these types of treatment are properly planned and executed the chances of need for bone grafts and additional procedures are greatly reduced. Choose your doctor wisely and ask for documented cases.

At Georgia Prosthodontics – Smile Specialists, our team is trained to provide dental implant placement and complete prosthesis. After adequate diagnosis, we will provide you with ONE FEE, ONE TEAM ON ONE LOCATION. Financial options are available.

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