What is the process for Teeth in a Day

Louis’s Renewal Through “All On 5” Procedure

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Louis was not happy when he first came to see us. He could not chew, smile, or speak confidently. During his initial consultation with our Smile Specialist Team, he was told that his teeth were not restorable. He had been wearing a partial denture that was not working for him, the alignment of his jaws made it impossible for his mouth to look or function as they should. His teeth were not positioned properly and the denture that he had been wearing was not helping.

Louis had a few alternatives. We could extract the teeth and build him a new, removable denture, or give him permanent implants or “All on Five” which would give him a new set of Teeth in a day. Louis chose “All on Five.”

Louis' Smile Restoration through "Teeth in a Day"

We offer a procedure called “All on Five” or “Teeth in a Day” which allows us to remove a patient’s teeth and build them a denture that is supported on five implants. This procedure can be done in a single day.

This procedure began with an intraoral scanning where we used our state-of-the-art Cone Beam CT scan to scan our patient’s bones, teeth, and jaw. It gave us the information we needed to begin the digital modeling of his mouth.

Next, we planned where the implants would be placed. We already knew where the teeth needed to go and based on that, we established where the proper foundation for each implant would be. Then it was time to fabricate a guide that would help us place the implants.

The surgical guide actually takes the position of the implants, and cylinders are later placed in that location that guide the placement of the implant in exactly the right position. That precision makes the procedure faster and more comfortable for the patient, making the surgery faster, less invasive, and increasing the chances that the prosthesis will be successful.

Technology used in Smile Restoration Teeth in a Day

The next step is providing the technician with the position of the implants. To do that, we take a digital impression using technology called photogrammetry. The camera used allows us to instantly take an impression that would otherwise take two hours to make.

The instant nature of this technology allows us to build a denture in-house and provide it to the patient within the first 24 hours of implant placement, which is amazing.

The next step is to mill the denture to transform it from pictures on a computer into reality. To do this, we take an acrylic disk to start milling the teeth and create the prosthesis.

We can help you get the smile you have always desired through the process for Teeth in a Day

How this case is done for a Prosthodontist

Experience Excellence in Prosthodontics at Georgia Prosthodontics. Our team boasts not one, but two board-certified prosthodontist experts in handling complex dental cases. Dr. Carlos Castro and Dr. Nicholas Miller are dedicated to providing you with the exceptional quality of service you rightfully deserve. Trust the best for your dental needs.

Carlos Castro DDS. Prosthodontist in Atlanta

Carlos Castro DDS, FACP
Board Certified Prosthodontist in Atlanta

What is the Artistic Approach for the process of Teeth in a Day?

While new technologies have been instrumental in improving the efficiency and capabilities of dentistry, this field will always have an artistic element.

The creation of a nice smile is a beautiful fusion. For example, there are multiple colors and shapes to choose from when building a tooth. The shape of a tooth cannot be determined by technology alone – it must be harmonious with the rest of the mouth, and that requires human input.

New technology has also given us the ability to replace gingival tissues. In the case of Louis, because of the amount of bone and gingival tissue he had lost, his teeth needed to be replaced with a prosthesis.

In order to mimic his natural gums, not only did his vessels need to be replicated, but so did the tissues layer by layer, tone by tone, and color by color. This is done so the patient’s smile looks natural.

That’s an artistic approach that can only be accomplished by a human eye and a human hand. This requires specific training that can never be replaced with a machine.

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"Teeth in a Day" Process | Treatment Eligibility

The “All on Five” or “Teeth in a Day” treatment involves replacing all of a patient’s teeth with five or six implants in a very short period of time, and it is available to patients who have had trauma like an accident or any situation that involves the loss of teeth or bone structure.

The potential of using these prostheses that are on implants and delivered in one day is endless. By restoring this patient’s teeth, I am allowing him to smile, speak and chew properly, providing him with the confidence he never thought he would have.

It’s common for patients who have undergone these treatments to make comments like: “I am not afraid to smile anymore.” These treatments fundamentally change people’s lives in a single day. If we can provide this type of transformation for our patients, we know we have done our jobs well.

If you are interested in learning more about the process for “Teeth in a Day”, call our team today. We will set up a consultation to help determine if this is the right treatment option for you or if you are a candidate.

We can help you get the smile you have always desired through the process for Teeth in a Day