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How are today’s dentures different than 15 years ago?

Here is something I tell my students, colleagues, and patients: “This day and age is the most exciting time to be a dentist!” - OK, it comes from a super passionate biased dentist, but let me explain my point.

Diagnostics have improved with higher precision bone and teeth scanners. Digital technologies allow us to do things faster, safer, and more accurately. Treatment modalities for patients missing teeth have multiplied with the advent of dental implants and better materials are available. All these translate into the most important part: more satisfied patients.

So…Do you need to replace the old dentures? or Have been told you need dentures?

Today’s dentures do not have to be removable. They could be fixed and permanently anchored by dental implants. You can carry on with your life as if you had never lost your teeth! They will not move or come off. And it gets better: your palate does not have to be covered.

Dentures do not have to be plastic. Now high esthetic ceramics are available to replace an entire arch. This means a realistic appearance, no change in color, more natural feel, and easy to clean.

Old dentures used to rest on soft tissues causing irritation, burning sensation, sore spots, and bone loss. Today’s dentures can rest directly on dental implants, protecting both, soft tissue and bone.

As you see, we have a different panorama than decades ago. Visit a Smile Specialist to talk about your options. We are sure we can help you.


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