Digital Dentures

Digital Dentures Vs Conventional Dentures

Dentures, crowns, implants, and even partial fillings are now designed with the aid of Digital Dentistry very precisely and faster than before.

The application of Digital Technologies has revolutionized the entire dental field to the point that now we talk about “Digital Dentistry”. Many procedures are now made digitally with help of technological devices, rather than in an analog fashion.

The old times in which a gooey material was used to make impressions have passed and now replaced by an optical digital impression made in less than 5 minutes! Prosthodontists master the process of Digital Denture fabrication.

The success of dentures as a therapy to replace teeth is measured by comfort, esthetics, ability to chew, retention, and stability.  We will make sure we got you covered.

Advantages of Digital Dentures

Teeth are Fully Customized

Conventional Denture teeth are prefabricated, which means customization is limited to existing sizes and shapes. Digital Dentures have teeth designed on software, which allows for complete individualization. You can now bring a photograph of how your teeth used to look like and we will match it!.

Same great appearance – always

Nobody wants people to notice they are wearing dentures. Digital Dentures allow us to design a great set of natural-looking dentures and save it for later. So whenever is time to replace them no-one has to know you did?

Lost or broke your dentures? No worries, we can give you a new set in less than 24 hrs

If an accident occurs, we can replace your dentures sooner than fabricating a set of conventional Dentures. All you have to do is to call us and we will start working on your new set before you make it to one of our offices.

Less chance of losing teeth or breaking Dentures

The material in which Digitally designed Dentures are made is as resistant as the conventional teeth. However, teeth have less chance to pop-out and the denture base will be stronger because the material has fewer porosities from processing.

Digital integration with your face

At Georgia Prosthodontics we use facial scanning, the ultimate record for a full mouth reconstruction. It allows us to overlap a 3D image of your face onto the design of your dentures, hence reducing the number of try-ins and ensuring the natural appearance and esthetics in perfect harmony with your face.

Digital Dentures can be on implants too!

We can use the exact teeth arrangement you like from your removable dentures and incorporate it into your new implant dentures. Seamless!

Change the color without changing the arrangement or fit

If you decide to change your look for a lighter color keeping the same teeth arrangement, we can do it!

How are Digital Dentures made?

  1. The process starts by gathering information of your mouth, taking intraoral optical impressions.
  2. Then customized trays are designed in a computer and printed using a 3D printer. We will then record the action and movements of muscles around your mouth. A special record is made for your bite and support of your lips.
  3. A Facial scanning is made to relate to the position of your future teeth with your face.
  4. A try-in of your new dentures is made to verify the bite and esthetic appearance
  5. Final insertion of your dentures!

Trust Your Smile to a true Smile Specialist

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Discover the technological advances in Digital Dentures and Smile with confidence