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As Prosthodontists we specialize in giving our patients comfortable, natural-looking functional dentures, even in the most challenging situations.

As a matter of fact, many of our patients come to us referred by other providers seeking solutions to their ill-fitting dentures.

So, we spend the time to listen, diagnose, treat and maintain patients with troubled dentures, keeping in mind the main objective of denture therapy is to restore esthetics and function so that you can smile, chew and speak naturally again.

We are Smile Specialists

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Our State of the Art Dental Implant Centers are centrally located in Duluth and Buckhead.

We proudly offer Dentures in Atlanta, Georgia areas such as Sandy Springs, Lawrenceville, Dunwoody, Roswell, Tucker, Norcross, Duluth, Snellville, Buford, Suwannee, Lilburn, Dacula, Grayson, Johns Creek, and Gainesville areas.

Of over 200.000 dentists in the United States, only 3.700 are Prosthodontists. Only one-third of them are certified. The board certification process is a rigorous four-part examination that a prosthodontist can challenge after their training.

Prosthodontists receive an extra 3 years of specialized training related to oral function, comfort, appearance, and health of patients. Georgia Prosthodontics is truly proud to have two board-certified prosthodontists experts in complex dental cases. Meet the Team

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What are Dentures and what types of Dentures are there?

“Dentures” are a generic term used to refer to a device that replaces teeth only or teeth and gums.

Moreover, the choice of dentures depends on the number of teeth they replace they replace and they can be Partial dentures or complete dentures.

Depending on the type of retention used, dentures can be fixed or removable

Removable Dentures supported and retained by tissue only

These are the Classic Denture. The prosthesis is resting directly over the tissues and retained by mucosa and peripheral seal (suction).

Pros: Cost, great appearance.

Cons: Covers the palate, requires enough saliva to create retention, and stability is proportional to the amount of bone remaining.

Removable Dentures supported by tissue and/or retained by teeth or implants

These are Dentures that are aided by implants and attachments.

Pros: Esthetic, Great retention, and stability, the palate is not covered, hygiene.

Cons: Requires a minimum of four (4) implants for the top and two (2) implants for the bottom.

Removable Dentures supported by tissue and/or retained by teeth only

These are Dentures that are aided by existing teeth on strategic positions with clasps.

Pros: Cost, save some existing teeth.

Cons: Metal clasping around teeth, need a strategic selection of teeth to use.

Fixed Dentures supported and retained by implants. Implant supported dentures.

This is the closest solution to a natural dentition because it does not require to be removed to clean. Minimum four (4) implants properly distributed in the arch are required for either top or bottom. Then the fixed teeth are cemented or screwed to implants.

Pros: Resembles natural dentition as they are not removable, esthetics, phonetics, palate is not covered, great retention and stability.

Cons: Requires implant surgery and cost is higher than other options.

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What are the most comfortable Dentures and what type of denture solution is best for me?

Although in theory all dentures can be made comfortable enough, the decision of which type of denture is best for each case is made after a proper examination.

Additionally, when doctors create the treatment plan, common factors considered when choosing a prosthetic solution include:

  • The amount of saliva remaining – dry mouth
  • Amount of bone remaining
  • Arch size
  • Arch shape
  • Amount of teeth remaining
  • Habits
  • Smile line
  • Gum Tissue

To sum up, depending on your situation we will give you options. Materials have evolved, techniques have changed, and the outcome has improved.

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Dentures Atlanta at Georgia Prosthodontics

What are you waiting for a wonderful smile with Dentures?

Take the step and discover what we can do for you!

How are your natural-looking removable Dentures made?

In the same way that not two patients are the same, not two dentures are alike, and they all require customization.

We take into consideration your age, genre, skin color, lip shape, face shape.

The secret for highly esthetic dentures with minimal sore spots is to follow carefully each step of fabrication without cutting corners.

A wonderful history of Dentures that we had

One patient had problems with her teeth and began losing them gradually so we asked her for a picture of how she wanted her teeth to look again. This photo served as a guide to return the smile in her memories of long ago.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

Dentures Georgia Prosthodontics
Amazing Story Before Implant Dentures Georgia Prosthodontics

At Georgia Prosthodontics we want our patients to have that experience: Best results with the minimum discomfort, awesome Complete Dentures made in 5-6 appointments.

What are the steps of getting dentures?

1. Preliminary impression - Getting to know you

This is an exploratory stage to analyze your anatomy and determine the amount of bone loss, bone remaining, quality of the tissue, jaw arch size, and shape. Using this information, we pour a preliminary cast and fabricate a customized tray for a definitive impression. This impression can be done digitally in many cases

2. Final impression - Precision for comfort

This is the key step to fabricate a denture with minimal post-insertion adjustments or sore spots. Using the custom tray, we have previously fabricated and a special thermoplastic wax, we capture the range of motion and muscle insertions of the soft tissues around your mouth.

This wax is then covered with an elastomeric material to copy details of the tissue surface. Lastly, a master cast is poured and is used to fabricate your denture base.

3. Bite Registration and Vertical dimension - Denture face-lift

At this appointment, we will use the previously made denture base and by adding wax on top, we will determine the proper space your teeth should occupy within your mouth.

At the same time, we will provide proper support for your lips and cheeks-restoring youth and getting rid of wrinkles. Furthermore, we will also select the shade of your future teeth.

If you have a photograph of how your smile used to look like, this is the time to bring it.

4. Try-in - A preview of final results

This is a very exciting appointment! because you will get to try on your new teeth. Additionally, you will verify that all esthetic aspects are correct including teeth shade, shape, arrangement, midline, smile line, lip support, phonetics, and overall appearance.

5. Final insertion - Start smiling again

Now that your dentures have been processed, we will make sure the fit is perfect, the bite is as planned, and all the fine-tuned details we worked on have been carried to the final prostheses.

A master cast is poured and it will be used to fabricate your denture base.

6. Follow-up and adjustments - If needed 😉

Most of our patients need little to no adjustments. Most importantly, sore spots are usually minimal but we still would like to see you just to make sure that all is going as planned.

Also, would you like to know to care for your new Denture? Read this article about Care Dentures.

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We are proud to be recognized as members and fellows of the highest dental organizations and to have in our team the only Board Certified Prosthodontist with Fellowship in Implant Dentistry serving Atlanta and Georgia.