Removable Partial Denture A simple solution to a complex problem

Removable Partial Denture

A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem by Nicholas Miller, DMD, MS, FACP, Board Certified Prosthodontist | Georgia Prosthodontics Rebecca, a 29-year-old female, was unhappy with the way she looked and the way her mouth and teeth functioned. Ten years ago, Rebecca had teeth removed in the maxillary left region as the result of an
Soft Diet after Dental Implants placement

Soft Diet after Dental Implant Placement

We often recommend a soft diet after implant placement for the first 8 weeks after your implant surgical procedure Below are some soft diet suggestions and recipes you can try at home to make your soft diet more enjoyable! Suggestions for soft diet items: Mashed potatoes Soft pasta with sauce Tomato soup Scrambled eggs Apple
Pterygoid implant as abutment of partial monolithic fixed dental prosthesis (Georgia Prosthodontics)

Pterygoid Implant as Abutment of Partial Fixed Dental Prosthesis

Supporting Patients with Defective Dental Bridges Luis, a 52-year-old patient, came to us seeking replacement of a failing bridge #1-5. He had multiple previous dental restorations that had failed. Luis had become desperate to find a solution that would allow him to confidence to eat and speak properly as well as improve his comfort and
Full arch fixed prosthesis utilizing digital dentistry (Dr. Miller Article)

Accessing screw access channels on a full arch fixed prosthesis utilizing digital dentistry

Full-arch Fixed Restoration in the Treatment in the Rehabilitation of the Edentulous Patient by Nicholas Miller, DMD, MS, FACP, Board Certified Prosthodontist | Georgia Prosthodontics Cynthia Aita-Holmes, DMD, FACP The implant-supported full-arch fixed restoration is frequently chosen by the prosthodontist as the treatment of choice in the rehabilitation of the edentulous patient. These types of
Care and Use of New Dentures

Care and Use of New Dentures

Congratulations!!!!!! You just got your new dentures. Now we must understand their use, care and limitations.Care and Use of New Dentures: General Guidelines First and most important always follow your dentist's instructions and recommendations about your new dentures. What we will be presenting here are general guidelines and should never override the specific instructions your
Postoperative instructions after a tooth extraction

Postoperative Instructions after a Tooth Extraction

To guarantee successful recovery of your tooth extraction, follow these instructions carefully. After your Extraction | ✆ Calls us It is normal to experience some discomfort for several days after a tooth extraction, however, should you happen to experience any of the following please contact us as soon as possible: If you are experiencing excessive
Sleep Apnea Treatment with Oral Appliances

Oral Devices in the treatment of Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring with Oral Appliances by Dr. Nicholas R. Miller Oral appliances, recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, are devices that fit in your mouth to move your bottom jaw forward and keep your airway open. Another common treatment option for sleep apnea is the use of a
The Joanee Gift

The Joanee Gift | Dentures for Kids

Georgia Prosthodontics launches The Joanee Gift to Provide Young Children Suffering from Ectodermal Dysplasia with the First Set of Dentures by Georgia Prosthodontics | Smiles Specialists Dr. Carlos Castro and the team at Georgia Prosthodontics are pleased to introduce The Joanee Gift, offering support for children under eight years old that are suffering from ectodermal