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Anterior Fixed Partial Denture on a Patient with Cleft Lip and Palate

Anterior Fixed Partial Denture on a Patient with Cleft Lip and Palate

Denture Challenges in a Patient with Cleft Lip and Palate by Nicholas Miller, DMD, MS, FACP, Board Certified Prosthodontist | Georgia Prosthodontics CASE SUMMARY A 41 year old female patient presented to the clinic with a congenital unilateral left cleft lip and palate. She was unhappy with the appearance of her temporary prosthesis, which appeared [...]

Restorative Dentistry Atlanta

The Tip of the Iceberg ...they did the work on Friday, Saturday afternoon I was eating a steak with no problem. That was very impressive." Smile because you're worth it! Your smile should make you feel confident, not self-conscious or worried about how others might perceive your dental health status. Book your appointment today!Call us [...]

Dental Implant Specialist Atlanta

The Power of Teamwork “Not just one person, it was a team effort. The implant came out very well, and the team did an awesome job.” You deserve to have a beautiful smile that makes you feel confident. With our comprehensive approach, we review different treatment options and will give you the best possible care.Call [...]

Permanent Dentures Atlanta

Permanent Dentures - Why did I wait so long? “I had to cut my meat very small, you know? and I felt like a baby. I thought, this is ridiculous, I can´t live like this...” If you are missing all of your teeth, consider permanent dentures as a way to restore your smile.Call us (770) [...]

Fixing a Cracked Tooth Atlanta

What if you knocked out a tooth? “If you want somewhere or want to go somewhere you know that people are going to take an interest into it and take care of your mouth like it’s their mouth then you probably will want to go here.” Have you recently suffered a cracked tooth or broken [...]

Same-Day Dental Implants Atlanta

Get your Same-Day Dental Implants and solved your dental concerns “I am super happy with the results. Now you don’t think twice about the way you eat, it’s natural. It really does feel natural. Hands down, implants are the way to go. It is just amazing.” Do you want to speak, eat, and smile better? [...]

Soft Diet after Dental Implants placement

Soft Diet after Dental Implant Placement

We often recommend a soft diet after implant placement for the first 8 weeks after your implant surgical procedure Below are some soft diet suggestions and recipes you can try at home to make your soft diet more enjoyable! Suggestions for soft diet items: Mashed potatoes Soft pasta with sauce Tomato soup Scrambled eggs Apple [...]

What is the process for Teeth in a Day

Louis’s Renewal Through “All On 5” Procedure If you are interested about the process for “Teeth in a Day”, call our team today. We will set up a consultation to help determine if this is the right treatment option for you.Call us (770) 758-5040 Louis was not happy when he first came to see us. [...]

Full Mouth Dental Implants Testimonial

Turn Your Flawed Teeth Into A Flawless Smile!This Dental Implants Testimonial shows us a Positive Change in Azim's Life and how it impacted not only his personal life but his career as well.Call us (770) 381-9333Restore Your Confidence With Full Mouth Dental Implants Azim was desperate. He came to us for Dental implants after looking [...]

Care and Use of New Dentures

Care and Use of New Dentures

Congratulations!!!!!! You just got your new dentures. Now we must understand their use, care and limitations.Care and Use of New Dentures: General Guidelines First and most important always follow your dentist's instructions and recommendations about your new dentures. What we will be presenting here are general guidelines and should never override the specific instructions your [...]