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Dental Implants Financing

We believe that maintaining your healthy smile should always be an enjoyable and comfortable experience. That’s why we offer our patients multiple and comfortable payment options and dental implant financing.

We will also customize your dental treatment to fit your needs without sacrificing quality.  You will enjoy your new smile sooner that you think.

Whether you are looking for Dental Implants Financing, Cosmetic Dentistry Payment Plans or want to get your Teeth Back in a Day, our Treatment Coordinator will help finding the right payment option for you.

She will also help you maximize the benefits from your dental insurance plan and sequence your treatment in the most cost-effective way.

Payment Options

  • Cash and Cashier Checks
  • Major Credit Cards
  • Third Party Finance Companies
  • Dental Insurance

Five years of Financing Available

For your convenience, we have partnered with third-party financing companies (CareCredit ®, LendingClub ®) that offer a variety of options including No Interest plans or Five Years payment plans.

We do not endorse anyone in particular so please feel free to navigate the websites and explore each option at your convenience.

After our Smile Specialists have determined your treatment options, one of our Treatment Coordinators will help you find the appropriate plan. All customized for you.

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Major Credit Cards

Major Credit Cards are accepted. You can choose to leave your card on file and depending on your customized payment arrangement we will take care of the rest. No hassle or late fees!

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Maximize your Dental Insurance Benefits

Any Dental Insurance Plan is a method of payment. Our office will file a claim only of PPO plans as a professional courtesy with estimated benefits but no guarantee of payment. Any unpaid portion from the insurance is your responsibility.  Secondary insurances are not filed but assisted with when requested.

To file your claim in a timely manner we request

-Provide all insurance information 48 hours prior to your appointment. That gives us enough time to verify your insurance plan and inform with enough time of any copayments. Some insurances cannot be reached on weekends, payment is required at visit.

-Inform us of any use outside of our office

-Plan changes or cancelation

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Cash and Cashiers Checks

Cash and Cashier’s Checks are valid methods of payment. Please enable enough time for the bank to prepare your checks in case you are considering to pay for your dental treatment this way.

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Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry Specialists

We are proud to be recognized as members and fellows of the highest dental organizations and to have in our team the only Board Certified Prosthodontist with Fellowship in Implant Dentistry serving Atlanta and Georgia.

GDA - Georgia Dental Association
ACP - American College of Prosthodontists
The American Board of Prosthodontics
ICOI - International Congress of Oral Implantologists