Dental Implants on a Budget

Dental Implants Cost – Implants on a Budget

Welcome to our Blog! Today’s blog is dedicated to those interested in replacing missing teeth but are afraid of the dental implants cost.

Nature is beautiful, it has designed us, human beings to receive the gift of teeth, twice. We go through ‘baby teeth’ and then through ‘permanent teeth’. But what happens to many of us who have not been so lucky of retaining our permanent teeth and are now suffering? The answer is simple, there is a third set of teeth known as Dental Implants.

Perhaps you have contemplated getting implants but the cost has kept you from obtaining them. You turned to your friend Google and searched for ‘cheap implants’, ‘affordable dentures’, even ‘free dental work’ to somehow ease the search and educate yourself in the process.

There is so much information available it could make anyone’s head spin trying to get a straight answer. Here is the reality: there is no one right answer or a set fee per implant.

Dental Implants Cost: There are many factors attributing to such difference

  1. Doctor’s Level of training placing the implant, ie General Dentist vs Specialist.
  2. Quality of the implant that is placed in the mouth, ie Dental implant from a small company vs Implant with proven track record from a large company with supporting studies and literature.
  3. Additional bone grafts or tissue grafts needed.
  4. Quality of the crown put on top of the implant.

Of course, you are thinking that you want to have the best implant done, placed by the best implant dentist, restored with the best crown available, and hoping for the best possible outcome might be out of reach but you could no more be wrong! Here is my analysis.

Although it is true that implants may run into thousands, in a long run dental implants come out to be more economical than a conventional bridge on teeth. If you can afford a bridge you can afford dental implant(s) by setting a realistic budget for yourself.

The world of dentistry has grown so much that to make dentistry affordable financing companies offer plans as low as $120 per month! Yes, you can be paying as low as $120 per month for your implants!

Knowledge is power so here are some steps to attain affordable Dental Implants

  1. Know your treatment options
  2. Know the total cost and time frame of the treatment you choose
  3. Get help from a dental team to maximize your dental insurance benefits
  4. Select a monthly payment you are comfortable with. Have a monthly budget in mind, only you know what your financials strengths and limitations are.
  5. Apply for financing

Stop looking for excuses, take control of your life, and get yourself the smile you deserve! Remember, Dental Implants are the number one choice for replacing teeth. Period.

My last words, avoid and doubt ‘special offers’ and ‘discounted implants’ that may appear throughout the internet or other sources, they offer unrealistic expectations and are unpredictable. When it comes to health, do it once do it right!

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Dental implants Cost is a recommended read to those who are looking to replace at least one missing tooth

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