Dental Implants Atlanta

Implant Dentistry is a branch of Prosthodontics that focuses on replacing teeth using Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium pieces that work as artificial roots replacing missing teeth and from those, a new prosthetic tooth/teeth can get attached. They are the foundation of your new dentition or prosthesis, therefore it is very important to ensure an excellent placement.

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Dental Implants Atlanta


Generally speaking, implants provide retention and stability and can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or a complete denture. Due to their high success rate, today Dental implants are considered the “Gold Standard” for replacing missing teeth. Depending on your particular situation, we will determine which prosthetic solution is indicated and the number of implants required.

“I’m a very confident person by nature. But I lost a lot of confidence when I didn’t have those teeth. But If you get implants, it changes your life. You can eat again. You have a full smile.”

There are two main phases in the dental implant process:

  1. A surgical phase (implant placement) and
  2. A prosthetic phase (placement of the actual tooth/teeth on top of the implant).

Prosthodontists have extensive formal training on both phases of implant dentistry.

As a prosthodontistDr. Castro is a specialist in advanced dental implants and reconstructive dentistry and one of the leading providers in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Our team will ensure you with the best experience and will work with you through every step of treatment.

Dental Implants in Atlanta

We proudly offer Dental Implants in Atlanta, Georgia areas Buckhead, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Roswell, Tucker, Norcross, Duluth, Snellville, Buford, Suwannee, Lilburn, Dacula, Grayson, Johns Creek, and Gainesville areas.

Dental Implants at Georgia Prosthodontics Dental Implant Center

Dental Implants Atlanta

At Georgia Prosthodontics – Smile Specialists, we have created a unique State of the Art Dental Implant Center, offering both dental implant placement and dental implant restorations under the same roof.

Our patients are fortunate to count with Dr. Castro, the only Board Certified Prosthodontist with a surgical Fellowship in Implant Dentistry serving Atlanta and Georgia. Such dual cross – training, and skills allow us to provide to our patients the benefits of having dental implants placed and restored at the same location.

What makes us unique in Dental Implants?

At Georgia Prosthodontics our team of Smile Specialists will provide you with a comprehensive and highly personalized smile evaluation. With this approach, even the most troubled smiles can be completely transformed. Learn more Why we are a Unique Dental Practice.

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Dental Implants Options

Every case is different and there is not a “cookie-cutter” like solution. Therefore, after collecting the proper diagnostic information, our Team of Smile Specialists at our Dental implant Center will seat with you to discuss all the possible options and solve the questions you may have. Here are some of the most common scenarios:

Missing Single tooth

Graphic Missing single tooth

If you are missing a single tooth or will have a tooth extracted, a dental implant is the treatment of choice.
It is more conservative, as the teeth adjacent to the space will not be modified and its longevity can be superior to the one of a bridge supported by teeth.

Missing some teeth

Graphic missing two teeth

A bridge supported by dental implants offers higher advantages than a tooth-supported bridge.

It has a longer lifespan and fewer complications. Remember that you will not need one implant per each tooth you have lost!

Missing all the teeth

Graphic missing all teeth

You can use from 2 implants to replace your teeth with a removable denture, to at least 4 implants to provide you with fixed teeth (Teeth in a Day, Implant Dentures, Full Mouth Reconstruction).

Let us help you explore the right option for you.

Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Dental implants give you the ability to replace dentures for teeth that do not come out of your mouth and do not move while chewing or speaking
  • Dental Implants save and protect the remaining bone and protect the soft tissue from injury. They look just like your natural teeth!
  • You will be able to chew, smile and speak again with the confidence natural teeth give you.

Concerns about Dental Implants?

If you are concerned about the dental implant surgery or bone graft surgery then you are interested in knowing this: the failure rate of dental implants is around 3% or less.

In many patients, the size of the wound to access the site can be minimized significantly, so that the postoperative recovery is very fast and the usual symptoms are mild to none soreness of the area without swelling.

Frequently we can use the same wound left after tooth extraction for the implant placement.

Cost of Dental implants

Dental implants are in the long run a better investment. The cost of a single implant with its crown is comparable to the cost of a conventional three-unit bridge.

In the case of multiple missing teeth, the fact that dental implants protect from bone resorption saves later fees associated with the fabrication of dentures to be replaced on average every five years and possible bone grafts.

Our team will work with you to help you maximize your insurance benefits if any and will discuss a payment plan customized for your treatment needs.

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Recover your missing tooth with Dental Implants

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Undoubtedly Dr. Castro is the Top Dentist and a true gentleman. Dr. Castro understands the problems from the core and treats a whole mouth to provide long-lasting results, not just one tooth. He has provided me with the smile that I can be proud of and now I project myself comfortably and confidently. Thank you!


Laurie Testimonial at Georgia Prosthodontics Smile Specialists

What to Expect After Dental Implants Surgery?

Generally speaking, an implant surgery will not require you to take a day off work and you can resume your normal activities almost immediately. Usually, you will be able to drive after the procedure.

Most of the times surgery for a single implant lasts less than one hour, it is done under local anesthesia and will cause mild or no postoperative pain or swelling. Numbness associated to anesthetics should disappear around 2 or 3 hours after. Even when an extraction is done and an immediate placement is done, our patients recover relatively soon.

Bone graft procedures may cause mild swelling and require you to comply with the antibiotic regime, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic medications prescribed.

Diet Recommendations after Placement of Dental Implants

We give our patients some diet instructions after the Placement of Dental Implants, or we recommend in some cases to avoid excessive load over the treated area.

Read more about Soft Diet After Dental Implants placement

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We are proud to be recognized as members and fellows of the highest dental organizations and to have in our team the only Board Certified Prosthodontist with Fellowship in Implant Dentistry serving Atlanta and Georgia.