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The Power of Teamwork

“Not just one person, it was a team effort. The implant came out very well, and the team did an awesome job.”

You deserve to have a beautiful smile that makes you feel confident. With our comprehensive approach, we review different treatment options and will give you the best possible care.

Most dental patients don’t know what goes on behind the scene. Unknown to many, the perfect dental procedure is a product of hours of work between a team of prosthodontics


The advantage here at Georgia Prosthodontics is the presence of two board-certified prosthodontists (Dr. Castro and Dr. Miller.) Whenever there is a case that involves surgery, the two doctors sit down and examine every available information on the case, and come up with a treatment plan. To do this, they look at CBCTs, X-rays, and photographs that show the surgical and restorative challenges on their hands. Together, they come up with the best solution for the patient. 


Let us take you behind the scene of John Smith’s case – a case that perfectly illustrates both board-certified doctors working together. 

Reason for coming to Georgia Prosthodontics

John had a failing root canal, and his tooth needed to be removed. The condition affected his front teeth, which of course, are the ones everybody sees.


John went to another dentist before coming to Georgia prosthodontics, who could not find out what was wrong. So, he came here, and we corrected it. 

Dental Implant Specialist Atlanta

Georgia Prosthodontics strives to provide you with the best treatment options available. To find out more about how we can help, contact us today!

Treatment suggested by our Smile Specialists

Dr. Castro performed surgery to remove the tooth and placed an implant, while Dr. Miller did the restorative side. Dr. Miller went through the temporization phase and the final restoration. After removing the tooth and placing the implant, they had to wait three to four months before attaching the tooth to the implant. Instead of leaving him with a hole on the front teeth, they made a temporary bridge that had the missing tooth connected to it. 

Dental Implant Specialist Atlanta

The synergy between Dr. Castro and Dr. Miller was evident enough for John to comment, “it was like a team effort to do it. Not just one person, it was a team effort. The implant came out very well, and the team did an awesome job.” Speaking further, “I know I was embarrassed with my smile, but now, I can smile and show my teeth.”


Overall, the case was very rewarding, and every team member was happy with the result. More importantly, they were delighted with how John felt about the case. Unlike before, he can now smile every day.

Why trust your smile to a Board-Certified Prosthodontist

Prosthodontists are some of the best-trained dental professionals; after completing undergraduate studies and a four-year curriculum in prosthetic training, they receive three more years at additional accredited graduate schools.

Dental Implant Specialist Georgia Prosthodontics Atlanta – The Power of Teamwork

Prosthodontists are trained to improve all aspects that go into an attractive smile–teeth and gums; lips (prosthetic devices); facial bone structure. Since they specialize on this subject matter their skill often leads teams alongside other professionals contributing towards restoring or replacing teeth!

Georgia Prosthodontics has two board-certified prosthodontist experts – a feat only a few dental practices can boast of. Our team of experts specializes in advanced medical implants and reconstructive dentistry, including dental implants, dentures, same-day dental, and full mouth reconstruction. Through our comprehensive approach, we review different treatment options and will give you a fantastic experience that will change your life. Call us today at (770) 381-9333 to book an appointment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an implant specialist?

An implant specialist is called a prosthodontist or an implantologist. A prosthodontist is a type of dentist with extensive training in particular reconstructive procedures. Unlike a general dentist that is trained to handle routine checkups and procedures, a Prosthodontist is trained in procedures that involve tooth replacement and restoration. Apart from this, prosthodontists diagnose, prevent, and treat teeth and jaw irregularities. They also correct existing conditions and identify problems that can develop in the future.

Who is the best person to do dental implants?

A Prosthodontist is the best person for dental implants since they have specific schooling regarding dental implant placements. However, if there is a problem associated with the gum, your best bet is a periodontist. Nonetheless, a dentist and an oral surgeon can do it. Prosthodontists mostly determine when patients need a dental implant placement. However, they often require a periodontist beside them during the procedure. An oral surgeon that specializes in oral surgery can also carry out dental implants.

What percentage of prosthodontists are board certified?

According to, there are about 3,500 practicing prosthodontists and prosthodontic residents in the United States. Out of these, only 17% are board certified. The reason is that, unlike general dentistry, becoming a prosthodontist is more intensive. After 4-year general dentistry studies, you require another 3 years to become an orthodontist.


The process of applying to be board-certified involves completing a comprehensive examination. Apart from this, participants must be able to defend their diagnosis, treatments, and results in three patient cases before a panel of examiners consisting of experienced board-certified prosthodontists. To maintain their certification, orthodontists must continue to present scientific lectures or publish textbooks or articles on the field. Out of the 17%, Georgia prosthodontics has two board-certified orthodontists. 

What does FACP stand for in dentistry?

FACP stands for Fellows of the American College of Prosthodontists.  If you see the letters FACP after your dentist’s name, it means he or she is a Fellow of the American College of Prosthodontists. FACP may be used to indicate that the dentist is board-certified in the specialty of prosthodontics. 

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