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No more gagging with Dental Digital impressions!

We are very proud to present you the latest technology in dentistry, now routinely used tool by our specialists at Georgia Prosthodontics.

This intraoral scanner, allows to make digital impressions with an accuracy of 30 microns. It provides excellent advantages for our patients for more precise diagnostics, better and faster treatment, especially with Dental Digital Impressions. We will no-longer have to take impressions using messy materials that cause gagging and have a horrible taste.

The scanner captures in less than 2 minutes all the information required to fabricate your crown(s) on teeth or dental implants or even design your new smile, with a faster turn around!

In a nutshell here are the advantages:

  • No gagging or bad taste from old messy materials
  • Faster impressions
  • Shorter appointments
  • Faster turn around

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