Soft Diet after Dental Implants placement

Soft Diet after Dental Implant Placement

We often recommend a soft diet after implant placement for the first 8 weeks after your implant surgical procedure Below are some soft diet suggestions and recipes you can try at home to make your soft diet more enjoyable! Suggestions for soft diet items: Mashed potatoes Soft pasta with sauce Tomato soup Scrambled eggs Apple
Care and Use of New Dentures

Care and Use of New Dentures

Congratulations!!!!!! You just got your new dentures. Now we must understand their use, care and limitations.Care and Use of New Dentures: General Guidelines First and most important always follow your dentist's instructions and recommendations about your new dentures. What we will be presenting here are general guidelines and should never override the specific instructions your
Postoperative instructions after a tooth extraction

Postoperative Instructions after a Tooth Extraction

To guarantee successful recovery of your tooth extraction, follow these instructions carefully. After your Extraction | ✆ Calls us It is normal to experience some discomfort for several days after a tooth extraction, however, should you happen to experience any of the following please contact us as soon as possible: If you are experiencing excessive
Soft Diet After 1st week dental implants

All-on-4 Diet (1st. week)

A non-chewing All-on-4 Diet is important to follow for the week following surgery. When choosing foods, think VERY soft and calorie-rich. The following is a list of a few items we recommend for the first 24 hrs and 1 week following surgery. First 24 – 48 Hours (Cool Liquids) Pudding, Jell-O, Applesauce, Protein Drinks (Ensure),
All-on-4 Diet (1 Week Post-Operative-Definitive)

All-on-4 Diet (1 Week Post-Operative-Definitive)

You can now introduce ‘‘Easy to chew” foods to your diet. Anything you can easily cut with a fork. Here’s a list of suggestions: Soft/ tender Fish Soft/ Tender Chicken Pasta (Spaghetti / Lasagna) Beef Stroganoff Stay away from hard crunchy foods where you would be using a lot of force, such as: Nuts/Seeds Popcorn