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Guidelines for the Care and Maintenance of Dentures, TMJ Appliances and Nightguard

Patients who wear dentures should be examined annually by the prosthodontist for optimum denture fit and function, evaluation of oral lesions, bone loss, and for assessment of oral general health status.

Things to get for the Care and Maintenance of Dentures

– Amazon, Walmart, or drugstores –

1. Denture brush.
2. Dental bath or tub (can also be used for TMJ appliances or night guards).
3. Antibacterial effervescent tablets for dentures (Polident).
4. Non-abrasive denture cleanser ( Dawn dish soap works fine).
* Denture cleansers should ONLY be used to clean dentures, TMJ mouth guards, and nightguards outside the mouth.


Instructions for the Care and Maintenance of Dentures

Nightly for dentures and daily for TMJ appliances and night guard.

1. Brush inside and outside dentures, TMJ appliances, or night guard with a non-abrasive cleanser to remove any visible debris.
2. Place denture, TMJ appliances, or night guard in denture tub filled with room temperature tap water with one antibacterial effervescent tablet, overnight for dentures or during the day for TMJ appliances or night guard.
3. Before placing dentures, TMJ appliances or mouth guard in the mouth rinse thoroughly.
4. Clean denture tub and dry.
5. Follow normal oral hygiene routine.

Warnings in the Care and Maintenance of Dentures

1. Do NOT sleep with dentures, unless otherwise indicated by your dentist.
2. Do NOT use chlorine, mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide, or hot water.
3. Do NOT store your dentures in your pants pockets, wrap them with napkins, or leave them in your car. Store it in its case. When not in use keep it in a safe place and away from heat sources.
4. Do NOT leave your dentures, TMJ appliances, or nightguard within reach of pets.

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